Rebecca Tilden


Rebecca Tilden is an accomplished and visionary leader in the field of interior design. With a passion for creating captivating spaces, she has built a reputation for delivering exceptional design solutions that elevate the way we live and work. With her extensive experience and keen eye for aesthetics. Rebecca Tilden inspires her team to push the boundaries of design, constantly seeking innovative approaches to transform spaces into inspiring environments.

Recent work

Industrial loft reno

This industrial loft was in shambles when we arrived, and afterwards, it was not in shambles anymore. That's good design.

Cupertino home build

Sometimes design isn't enough. But in this case, it was just enough for this brand new home build in Cupertino, California.

Oakland renovation

This whole-home renovation reimagines industrial chic while balancing the existing elements with modern flair.

Master suite in Burlingame

We worked closely with the Brilliard family to ensure their master suite renovation was exactly what they were looking for.

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